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Nuts and Bolts of a Mastery-Based Chemistry Class

Jennifer Maze - Managing a mastery-based class can be a challenge. Learn some strategies to challenge your top students while still meeting the needs of those who struggle (and everyone in between). I will share day-to-day practical approaches to manage a lab-based class. This includes communication with students and parents, starting the year off right, managing homework, classwork, feedback/grading practices, utilizing technology for instructional videos, and managing lab activities.

K-5 The Sun And It's Energy

Susan Prieto - Participants outcomes include: integration of the knowledge of scientific explanations with engineering. Participants will put this into practice by engaging in scientific inquiry (solar paper, solar beads, solar balloon) and engineering design by capturing solar energy for use in a project. 

Kids Teaching Kids

Nadene Klein - Join us as we share an amazing project based learning opportunity. This 21st century project, which allows a student-centered format that is self-differentiated, is steeped in STEM and NGSS cross-cutting themes. We'll show you how to provide an authentic audience through community collaboration. You'll be thoroughly impressed by your students' creativity and problem solving abilities. You'll walk away with sample documents and be ready to start TOMORROW!

Dig into Learning

Lindsey Mieras - An interdisciplinary project for intermediate students proposes to coordinate an integration of archaeology from classroom to field. Archaeology enhances student learning through use of cooperative skills, inquiry, hands-on learning, and community connections. In this hands-on workshop you will experience how to connect archaeology to your curriculum within the classroom through use of self-created kits, public resources, and standards aligned curriculum. 

Opportunities and Challenges for Bilinguals in the Elementary Science Classroom, Opportunities and Challenges for Bilinguals in the Secondary Classroo

Chris Carson - How can we develop bilingual learners' language and literacy through elementary science instruction? Through a combination of discussion and activities, we'll explore opportunities and challenges for bilingual learners embedded in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and ways to support elementary teachers through online professional development modules. Both teachers and science instructional leaders are encouraged to attend.

eCALLMS Opportunities in Science Handout.docx



Nature in the Classroom- Turling your classroom Inside OUT!

Delene Hoffner - School in the Wood staff to bring outdoor education into your curriculum and ways to get your students OUTSIDE for their learning!  Meet Colorado standards across the curriculum while inspiring your students through the WONDERS of nature.  Join the staff from this public school as they share tips, lesson, and curricular connections.

Spring Field Project Standards.pdf

Revised Black Forest Animal Template.doc

Seed Dispersal Project Rubric Revised 2014.docx

Revised BF flier Rubric.pdf

Seed Dispersal Handout.docx

Resources for Environmental Education.docx

Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a 21st Century "Vehicle" for Chemistry Instruction

Steve Smith - Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a 21st Century "Vehicle" for Chemistry Instruction 

Session 4 - Playing With Plastics
Join us in assembling simple science demo kits for your classroom. We will also do the experiments in the workshop.
Materials will be provided along with written instructions. Concepts cover the chemistry of polymers. Recycling will be explored.
Find the joy in plastics!
Room: J48-52
Strand: General
Audience: MS/HS
Focus: Chemistry
Is Soil Alive

Is Soil Alive

Session 5 - Baby Diapers, Balloons, and Baggies!
Join us in experimenting with and as-sembling simple science demo KITS for your classroom. Materials will be provided along with written instruc-tions. Concepts cover the chemistry of polymers. Recycling will be ex-plored.
Room: J48-52
Strand: General Audience
Elem (K-6) Focus: General
The Thrills of Roller Coaster Design

The Thrills of Roller Coaster Design - David Beier.